Business Registration and Bank Account Number and Trade Mark – Important Things You Need to Do Before Doing Them


Hong Kong Company Registration and Bank Account Number (CHANZ) are one of the most important documents when establishing a business in Hong Kong. It enables foreign companies to have an official identification when dealing with the law in Hong Kong and also allows them to be listed as an international company on the stock exchange.

If you are new to business in Hong Kong, you must first decide whether to register your company or not. You need to do this before you proceed with any legal procedures because you may be required to submit a business plan for tax exemption if you have already registered your company.

In Hong Kong, you need to do company registration and bank account numbers before you start a company. If you do not comply with these requirements, you could face problems such as being refused registration or even losing all of your assets. It will also affect the trade that you can conduct in the city.

The next step you should take after doing company registration and the bank account number is to create a business plan. It will be a document that will explain how your business plans to make money. In addition to this, it will also list the financial resources you have and also explain in detail how you intend to use those resources. It is the document that is required for all legal transactions, whether commercial or personal.

The next step after doing both of these is to hire an accountant. This person will be responsible for keeping track of your assets and liabilities. The accountant is also responsible for making sure that all the documents you have submitted are true and correct.

After doing these two things, you need to make sure that your business registration is appropriately done. If there are any mistakes, you have to notify your accountant at the earliest so that you can have your company registered as soon as possible.

In addition to doing business registration and bank account number, you should also obtain a Trademark and Company Name registration to establish company in Hong Kong. These are important papers that will enable you to keep your name with the business world. After the documents mentioned above have been filled out, you will have to submit them to the Office of the Superintendent of Companies.

Doing business registration and bank account number and Trademark and Company Name registrations are easy and time-consuming, but it will save you time and effort in the future. In addition to that, having theright name will help you attract more customers and retain them.

Another thing that you should do is to obtain a business license for your company. A license will ensure that you are a genuine business and a legitimate business owner. It is so because you cannot get away with illegal businesses without one.